Your Website Visitors Have a Need for Speed and So Must You

Plan an awesome backpacking adventure and start thinking about what you might bring. A tent? Sleeping bag? Stove? Extra water? Now consider that every 1 percent of your body weight in your pack makes you six seconds slower per mile.

Want to reconsider what you’re bringing?

It’s time we start thinking about web design and development the same way we think about backpacking – bring less stuff that slows you down and arrive faster and happier.

A faster site means lower page abandonment, higher satisfaction users and more conversions. In September 2015, 73 percent of people said speed was a leading attribute of website performance.

The impact is astounding, according to Kissmetrics:

  • 40 percent abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load.
  • 79 percent of shoppers who are dissatisfied with the website performance are less likely to buy from the same site again.
  • A 1 second delay (or 3 seconds of waiting) decreases customer satisfaction by about 16 percent.

Speeds matters and if you aren’t coming up with ways to quickly and reliably deliver content, you’re losing out to those who are. See where you site stacks up against its competitors through one of the following free tests:

And now get to work improving your scores.

There are several steps you can take to improve an existing site – reduce the number of widgets or plugins, leverage browser caching, optimize images, etc. However, the ideal situation has you thinking about speed from Day One.

A comprehensive digital strategy contains notes about information architecture, content development, web governance and management, among others. Perhaps it’s time we add speed to the checklist of priorities.